Controlling a Behringer X-Air console with a Wemos D1

A wireless setup with a 16850 battery

The Midas MR / Behringer XR digital mixing consoles are cheap and powerful. With no tangible control surface doing quick and current actions can be inconvenient.

A Wemos D1 with its onboard ESP8266 and four PB-86 push-buttons (I like their vintage-looking style) are all you need to control your console on your WiFi network.

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Small Midi Development Board

Midi Dev Board picture
Midi Development Board

I have sometimes to deal with some quick and dirty MIDI projects, and wiring a socket on a breadboard can be quite delicate because of the traction force from the cable. So, I’ve designed a small dev board who features a MIDI input (with its 6N137 active optocoupler), a MIDI output, and three RCA connectors. Continue reading “Small Midi Development Board”

News about my YM2149 Synth


I’ve got some messages asking me if I planned to sell a finished version of my YM2149/AY-3-8910 synth. The short answer is: yes.

I’m working on the PCB and the firmware of this synth. As I’m not going to sell thousands of it, it will certainly be sold as a ready-to-solder kit.

Schematics and software code will be public. 🙂

More to come!