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May 27, 2015 / Mr Megahertz

WaveDrom, a nice time diagram editor

A few days ago, I read an article on hackaday about a new time diagram editor.

It’s called WaveDrom, and it’s an online service. With a few lines of JSON code, you can draw neat time diagrams.

Here’s a picture of what I did:

YM2149 bus modes

YM2149 bus modes

And here’s the corresponding code:

'Bus mode',
{name: 'BDIR', wave: '01..0.......1..0.'},
{name: 'BC1', wave: '01..0.1..0.......'},
{name: 'BC2', wave: '1................'}
{name: 'Bus mode', wave: 'x3..x.4..x..5..x.', data: ['Address mode', 'Data Read', 'Data Write']},
{name: '/A9, A8', wave: 'x.=..x...........', data: ['Address']},
{name: 'DA7-DA0', wave: 'x.=..x.=..x=....x', data: ['Address', 'Data', 'Data']},
head:{text:['tspan', {class:'h4'}, 'YM2149 bus control ']}

Be sure to check the tutorial, and everything will be fine! 😉


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